Business English Language Test
BELT is a single unit qualification. You’ll be assessed in all four English language skills of reading and writing, listening and writing and speaking. You’ll will need to demonstrate that they can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.

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Ongoing                               N/A                                         £975                                Yes

Duration:                Total qualification time is 304 hours

Guided learning 250 hours                 Self-study 52 hours                               Assessment 2 hours


Senior lecturer and a Director of Studies

Who’s it for?

If you need to use English at work this is the qualification for you. Many international companies recognise BELT as a benchmark in business English. Some examples are below:

  • Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR)
  • Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC)
  • Toyota
  • DHL
  • KPMG

What will I learn?

When you take this course you’ll benefit in:

Enhanced confidence in presentations skills

Better communication skills in meetings and in business correspondence

Ability to read business oriented articles and proposals

What’s involved?


Duration 12 minutes

Section 1         Introduction based on familiar topics

Section 2         Role play and follow up questions

Section 3         Discussion

Reading and Writing

Duration: 120 minutes

Section 1         5 source texts with 25 multiple choice questions

Section 2         Respond to a business letter (150-200 words)

Section 3         Write a report (200-250 words)


Duration 40 minutes

5 tasks with 25 questions