Say OK Ltd Terms and Conditions: Language & Training courses

Please read these Terms & Conditions before you book a course. If anything is not clear, then contact us. Say OK Terms & Conditions are binding on all students, regardless of whether you have booked directly or through an educational consultant. When you register you will be asked to sign that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.


EU Students

You do not require a visa to enter the UK.  You will be able to work while you are in the UK.

Non EU students

If you are not from the EU you will probably need a visa to enter the UK.  Full information can be found at

If you want to study for more than 6 months and may like to extend your visa after your initial course, then you must apply for a Tier 4 General Student Visa (GSV).

If you are coming for 6 months or less and do not want to extend your visa, then you should apply for a Student Visitor Visa. If you are coming for 11 months or less and do not want to extend your visa, then you should apply for an Extended Student Visitor Visa. You cannot study if you only have a Visitor Visa. If you are applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa (GSV), you must be able to prove you have studied English before & can follow a course at Upper Intermediate (B2) level or above, and must show proof of your level through a SELT (Secure English Language Test).  We will also ask you about your reasons for studying English in the UK (e.g. to go on to university or for your future career).  We will issue a CAS on the understanding that it is your intention to study on the course booked and complete the attendance requirements.  Say OK is obliged to inform the UK Border Agency where attendance is unsatisfactory or where a course is shortened or cancelled.

Please apply for a UK visa a minimum of 6 weeks before you plan to travel to the UK – and further in advance if you want to travel during the summer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct visa type and appropriate permission to be in the UK.  Say OK  will ask to see your passport and visa on your first day at school.  If you do not have the correct visa, your course will be terminated and fees will not be refunded.

How to apply to the school

You can either book directly with the school, or through an Educational Consultant in your country.  We can send you a booking form or you can use our online form.  Please tell us in advance if you need to apply for a Tier 4 General Student Visa (GSV).

Send the completed booking form with a copy of your passport by email or fax.  If you are applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa (GSV), you must send proof of your SELT result.  See ‘How to Pay’ for information on how to send your deposit and full fees.

A place in classes at Say OK is guaranteed once we have received your deposit or full payment and processed your booking form.  We will then send you a letter by email confirming your booking, an invoice, a Certificate of Acceptance of Study (CAS) number if you are applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa (GSV), accommodation information including travel details (this may arrive a few days after the other documents) and confirmation of your airport transfer (if booked).

If you require your documents to be posted to you, please inform the school.

If we cannot accept your booking, we will offer you an alternative or refund your fees. 6.    Once your booking has been confirmed and your documents have been sent, you are legally obliged to pay the full cost of the courses and accommodation booked. (See Changes BEFORE starting your course at Say OK).

Cancellation or postponement BEFORE starting your course at Say OK

Major course changes (e.g. reducing hours / weeks or cancelling accommodation) cannot be made after your registration details have been sent.

If want to change / postpone the dates, you have booked; we must receive written notice at least 3 weeks before you are due to begin.  This includes if your visa application is delayed.

There is an administration charge of 25GBP for every date change made before the course starts.

If you cancel 3 weeks or more before the start of your course for whatever reason, we will keep your £300 deposit and will refund your remaining tuition and accommodation fees.  Bank charges and postal courier fees are not refundable.

If your application for a Student Visa, Student Visitor Visa or Extended Student Visitor Visa is refused, you MUST send us the letter of refusal from the British Embassy. We will keep your £300 deposit and will refund your remaining tuition and accommodation fees after we have received the documents.  Bank charges and postal courier fees are not refundable. 6.    If you have applied to the EU for a grant for a Teacher Methodology course, you must inform us if your application is unsuccessful a minimum of 3 weeks before the start of the course.  If you inform us less than 3 weeks before the start date, normal cancellation charges will apply.

If you cancel / postpone less than 3 weeks before your course start date for whatever reason, the deposit 300 GBP and 1 week’s accommodation fee will be not be returned.  Other fees paid will be refunded.

If you cancel / postpone less than 2 weeks before your course start date for whatever reason, you will be charged the full deposit plus 1 week’s course fee and 1 week’s accommodation fee.  Other fees paid will be refunded.

There are no refunds for cancellation or postponement made 1 week or less before the planned start date.

If you have booked through a representative, we will send any refund to that representative.

We strongly recommend you to purchase insurance to cover cancellation in case of illness.


If you want to stay in accommodation organised by the school, we will do everything possible to meet your requirements.  However, where this is not possible, we will give priority to medical requirements such as allergies.

Accommodation is only arranged for full time students and only while you are studying at the school.  If you leave the school, you will be asked to leave your accommodation.

All accommodation is subject to availability.  Please book early and give a second choice.

Homestay accommodation is only suitable for students who are prepared to adapt to living with British hosts.

All accommodation fees should be paid through the school. You can pay for your accommodation every 4 weeks, one week in advance of your month end.

Accommodation must be booked to start on the Sunday before the start of your course and finish on the Saturday or Sunday after the end of your course.  (Saturday departure only during July and August).  If you want to arrive or depart on different days, you must book a hotel for the extra nights.

The school acts as an agent in booking accommodation.

You must send your full arrival details as soon as you have made your travel arrangements. If we do not receive your arrival details, your accommodation provider may not be at home when you arrive. If you would like us to book a meeting service, please tell us when you book your course.

If you are unhappy with your accommodation, talk to the Accommodation Manager as soon as possible.  If necessary, we will find you new accommodation.  You cannot request a change of accommodation just because you want to be nearer to the school.

After 3 requests to change accommodation, Say OK reserves the right to refuse to provide further accommodation.

Students who do not behave reasonably in their accommodation will be asked to leave and find their own accommodation.

Students booking bed and breakfast homestay can use the hosts’ kitchen.  Students requesting half board or semi board are not allowed to use the kitchen facilities.

Friends or relatives cannot stay at your accommodation.

While every effort will be made to ensure you are happy with your accommodation, Say OK cannot guarantee you can stay with one accommodation provider throughout your stay. Changes might occur because of emergencies or on rebooking.

If you go on holiday during your course, you will have to pay for your accommodation while you are away, unless you cancel your accommodation completely.

If you decide to leave your accommodation early, you must give two weeks’ notice in writing.

Accommodation refunds will only be made for full calendar weeks.

You are responsible for any damage you cause in your accommodation and must pay the accommodation provider for the repair / replacement.

If you book your own accommodation, instead of the school accommodation, you must give your address and contact phone number to the Reception team.  Please advise the Reception team of any further changes in your contact details.

Attendance and Absence

We expect all students to come to lessons regularly and to arrive on time.  If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for any lesson you will not be allowed into class until after break.

We keep attendance registers.

You will not receive a leaving certificate unless you attend a minimum of 80% of your course.

If you are a sponsored student, we will report poor attendance to your sponsor.

We are legally obliged to give the UK Border Agency the details of any Tier 4 General

Student Visa (GSV) student who does not attend for 10 consecutive daily sessions.

If you miss a lesson, regardless of the reason, we cannot give you a refund or allow you to take the lesson at some other time.


Say OK  does not accept liability in the case of accident, illness, loss or damage to personal effects or property

occurring on the school premises, except where such liability is imposed under UK law.

where accommodation or transport has been booked through the school.

Say OK  does not accept liability for losses or additional expenses you might incur because of cancellation or delays of your travel services.

Say OK  is not liable for failure to perform its obligations if the failure is because of external events not under the school’s control (eg war, terrorist activities, natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, infectious diseases, pandemics, labour dispute, failure of electricity or water supply etc), provided the school can prove it took reasonable steps to minimise delay or damages caused by foreseeable events.

You will have to pay for any damage you cause on the school premises or at your accommodation.

We strongly recommend all students buy insurance to cover all risks before leaving their own country.

Age Limit

The minimum age at Say OK is 16 years.  There is no maximum age limit. 17-year-old students at the adult school are not supervised except in lessons and on Say OK excursions. On our General English adult courses, we normally accept students from the age of 16.  Any bookings on these courses are made on the basis that the students on this course may be over or under the age of 18. Students under the age of 18 are children in British Law.  All students under 18 are expected to abide by UK laws which relate to the restriction of activities to under 18 year olds; in particular the purchase and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. If any student under the age of 18 wishes to study on any adult course at Say OK , the person or people with parental responsibility for them in their own country should complete a Parental Agreement form.  This form outlines the rules and conditions that will apply for the school to be able to accept a booking for a student under 18.  The form can be obtained from the school or from your educational representative.  If for any reason the school does not receive the Parental Agreement form, it will be assumed that the general rules and conditions outlined in the form have been accepted by the parents/guardian of the student.

Applicants with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs

If you have any physical or special educational needs (eg dyslexia), we request that you tell us when booking a course so that we can advise you as to the suitability of the course

and any reasonable additional support that we may be able to offer.

How to Pay

The prices quoted are for full payment in advance for course fees and accommodation.  If we have not received full payment by the start of your course, you will not be admitted to class and will have to leave any accommodation booked by the school

EU Students

If you are booking more than 6 weeks before arrival, you must send a deposit of 300 GBP with the booking form.  This deposit will be deducted from the full fees due.  The balance of the fees due must be received by the school a minimum of 3 weeks before the start of your course.  If you are booking less than 6 weeks before arrival, you must pay the fees in full when you book.

Non EU Students

At the time of booking you must pay the full tuition fees, the registration fee, the CAS fee if applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa (GSV), learning materials fee and a minimum of 4 weeks accommodation fees. The booking will NOT be processed or documents sent until the payment has been received.

All payments must be in Pounds Sterling (GBP).  Payment details will be printed on your invoice.  Payments can be made as follows:

Sterling Bank Transfer to Say OK, Account Number 22026968, TSB Sort Code 30­9780, IBAN Code GB23 LOYD 3097 8022 0269 68, SWIFT Code LOYDGB21032.   Please make sure the bank includes your name on the bank transfer document.  You are responsible for all international banking fees.  Please instruct your bank to send the full amount plus additional funds to cover ALL bank transfer charges including UK bank charges of 10 GBP. 2.    Visa or MasterCard credit cards – please give the cardholder’s full name, card name, number, expiry date and the 3-digit security code on the reverse of the card. We will email you a credit card form to complete so you can send details by fax for security.  We charge a 2% credit card fee on credit card payments.

Cheque drawn on a UK Bank, payable to Say OK Ltd.

Cash direct to the school.

Cancellation or Changes AFTER starting your course at Say OK

You cannot cancel or change your course once you have started at Say OK or if you do not arrive on the agreed date.

If you leave early, you will not be entitled to a refund of your tuition fees.  You are also not allowed to transfer the outstanding fees to another student.  If you have paid in advance for your accommodation, you will receive a refund of accommodation fees after the two week notice period.

If you leave because you are ill or because of the death or serious illness of a close relative, you may be able to claim reimbursement of fees through your insurance. We strongly recommend you purchase insurance.

Individual lessons can be cancelled / postponed with 48 hours notice.  All late cancellations will be charged at the full hourly rate.

The UK Border Agency will be informed about non EU students who do not arrive on the agreed date or who leave their course early.

Studying English

Say OK does generally accept beginners (level A1 on the CEFR).

If you are not sure of your level of English, please contact us before booking.

You will take a placement test on the first day of your course to ensure you are placed in the correct level.

If your level of English is unsuitable for the course you have booked, we reserve the right to move you to a more suitable one, or to refuse you admission to the school.  If we have to move you to a more expensive course, you will have to pay the difference.

All students must be able to read and write Roman script.   We do not offer literacy lessons at the school.

We reserve the right to determine the best course of study for any student.

Your progress will be monitored by your teachers and you will be moved levels when appropriate.

You will be expected to do a minimum of one hour’s homework each weekday night.


Say OK is not open on Sundays on some UK public (Bank) holidays.

If one of your sessions is on a public holiday when the school is closed, you will not be given a refund or be allowed to take the class on another date.

You can take two weeks’ holiday for every 12 consecutive weeks you are at the school.

Holidays must be complete calendar weeks.

If you are on a long course you should pre­book the number of weeks holiday you wish to take before the start of the course.  If holidays are not pre­booked, tuition fees will not be refunded.

Say OK cannot guarantee to place you in the same class group or accommodation when you return from holiday.

Personal Information

We keep your information in electronic and paper format.

Some of the personal information you supply will be passed on to accommodation providers or the airport meeting service.

To fulfil our obligations to you, and to the UK Borders Agency, we must see and photocopy your passport and Visa (if required) when you start your course.  We also need your UK address, your mobile phone number (if relevant) and details of your next of kin in your own country.  You must keep these details up to date at all times.

We must give information to the UK Borders Agency, if required to do so under UK law.

By accepting these Terms & Conditions you accept our right to use your personal information in this way.


We expect students to behave reasonably at all times towards other students, school staff and accommodation providers and to respect cultural, racial and religious differences. 2.    If we have to ask you to leave the school because your behaviour is unacceptable, you will not be entitled to any refund of fees.You will not be allowed to remain in Say OK accommodation.

Unacceptable behaviour includes unsatisfactory attendance or work, aggressive physical or verbal behaviour towards other students or members of staff, drug abuse, dishonesty, or deliberately causing damage to the school premises or accommodation. 5.    The school expects all students to adhere to the standards and rules we set.


The school reserves the right to change published information, including prices, lesson times and Terms & Conditions at any time.

The school reserves the right to cancel or alter courses.  In this case you will be offered an alternative course.

The school will make every effort to ensure you can attend the course for which you booked. A course will run with the publicised number of lessons, provided there are 4 or more students in the group. In the unlikely event of insufficient enrolments for a particular course, we reserve the right to arrange a reduced number of lessons or offer a course of equal value. 4.    The school reserves the right to change teachers at any time during a course.

The school reserves the right to hold lessons in other premises should the need arise. 6.    VAT (Value Added Tax) is not charged on most Say OK tuition fees.  If the UK government decides to charge VAT on tuition fees at language schools, Say OK reserves the right to change prices as necessary.

Photographs and Videos

Say OK  may use video or still photographs of students for promotional purposes.

You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) must inform the school in writing before your course starts if you do not allow us to use such images.

Complaints & Disputes

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, teaching, accommodation, etc, then please speak to a member of staff immediately. We will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should ask to speak to the Principal.

In the unlikely event the complaint is still not resolved, you or your representative should give the Principal a full written report of the complaint before the end of your course.

We will investigate the complaint fully, provided it has been received before the end of your course and all invoices have been paid.

If, after due consideration, we consider the complaint reasonable we will make an appropriate recompense (financial or otherwise).

If we do not consider the complaint reasonable, and you wish to take the dispute further, then you can write to the Director of Say OK Ltd, 24 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DF.

All disputes are handled under UK law.

Extensions & Repeat Bookings

If you want to extend your course or accommodation, please speak to the Reception team as soon as possible.  Courses will be extended as long as there is space available.

Payment for extensions must be made in full in advance.

If you extend your booking or return to school for a further course, no extra registration fee will be charged.