The company

Say OK Limited have provided quality, customer-focused translation and interpreting services to a wide range of clients since 2009. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of language services best practice through implementing innovative and cost-effective solutions. We are committed to advise and guide on best practice and how to get the most value out of translation and interpreting services. Our Manager, Paul Harrison is a qualified interpreter with a passion for delivering modern translation and interpreting services which meet the varying requirements of our clients with Live Virtual Remote Interpreting at a core of our interpreting provision. Paul is also a qualified teacher and an accountant and the founder of the Association of Certified Interpreters (ACCI). The ACCI is a global body for professional interpreters and the only organisation focusing solely on the profession of a language interpreter. It brings together language professionals from all over the world to collaborate and develop best practice in the field of interpretation.


Say OK Academy has been teaching English, Spanish and other modern languages in Southampton in addition to providing quality translation and interpreting service since 2009 from its training centre in the heart of Southampton and more recently, exclusively online. We are proud to offer a range of language services including general and specialist language teaching, along with expert interpreting and translation, which mean we are experts in providing language solutions for individuals and businesses locally and internationally.


Together with the innovative collaboration with The Language Gym, we offer language classes and training courses in our virtual classrooms, where we teach groups and individual students. We help to develop great human capital by teaching English and other languages. 


Our vision at Say Ok Translation and Interpreting is to be in the top 5 language service providers for private and public sector in the UK. 

Our vision at Say Ok Academy is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value language knowledge and skills to contribute to the world and disseminate our


respect, tolerance, inclusion, curiosity and excellence. 


Here, all our focus goes into making all our stakeholders happy.

What this means is that we help our clients to survive and thrive in a truly global environment.

For all our students, our mission is to enable them access to learning languages through a provision of:

– cohesive language programs

– effective language tutors focused on achieving best outcome

– enriching and engaging resources within a quality inclusive learning environment


In support of the core values, OUR BELIEFS center around

– creating a safe and friendly place for all stakeholders

– using evidence based teaching focusing on the learner

– consistent implementation of strategic objectives across the business


Say Ok is a registered member of the UK Register of Learning Providers, the Learning Resource Network and the Association of Certified Interpreters.