Translation and Interpreting

Specialist translation and interpreting

We have operated in many specialist scenarios where it is paramount to operate proficiently and tactfully. We have worked alongside many legal organisations, two of which we translate for on a regular basis. We provide face-to-face spoken interpreting, telephone interpreting and written translation in a wide variety of scenarios. We have provided these services to a high-quality standard since 2012. These scenarios have included divorce proceedings and accidents at work, where delicate information is translated between legal professionals and clients.

Many of our engagements have been with local Police forces, including providing translation services to a rape investigation in 2014.  This involved our translation and interpreting professional attending police interviews and translating Facebook and skype conversations from Bulgarian to English, all of which had both sensitive and potentially disturbing content. A careful approach and understanding was a vital part of the process for our translator in which a balance was found between showing compassion whilst remaining professional at all times.

Our approach to successful service delivery at Say OK is based on commitment, customer centricity and collaboration. A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to each of our clients. They have overall responsibility for maintaining the exemplary standards expected at Say OK and ensuring that we are meeting and exceeding all client specific requirements. There is always a clear delegation of authority (‘DOA’) for our Account Managers, in case of sickness/leave.